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Wind Erosion

This is part of a cave that was eroded by wind, or at least that is what I’ve surmised from what I’ve read. I like how the layers are revealed as you get a sense of different periods of time … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 784: More Sleep Than Less Sleep

I slept last night. I slept more than I had during the prior few nights, and yet I still feel tired. Totally unfair. I don’t understand this at all. Should I not be back to maximum percent? I don’t get … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 503: Cave Exploration to Understand

Forty minutes of chanting in some sort of chanting fashion, and all it leads to is the end of the forty minutes. You’d hope that somewhere along the line there’s a little variation, but there isn’t. Or maybe there is. … Continue reading

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From Inside a Cave

Another shot that was taken at Jenolan Caves. I was looking to get a shot of the space in the cave and, whilst I captured some of it, I think I ended up with something a bit different. I really … Continue reading

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One Thousand Word Challenge 13: End of a Field Trip

Once the Jenolan Caves were reached, we all hopped off the buses and went to grab something to eat. We were running a fair bit behind in time, so we didn’t have much time and some of the activities had … Continue reading

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