One Thousand Word Challenge 40: The Galactic Ocean

The vast and open World Ocean presented itself and that was probably the best thing, for some of the time – not all of the time; only some – it was limitless and the possibility and potential that it presented was something far greater and far too difficult to try and quantify, and perhaps that was the best way, for it made potential seem far more limitless than it actually was.

It was easy to take to The World Ocean and explore its seemingly-infinite bounty. It was just as easy to be swallowed by its being and never return, though as the times changed this became less of a probability and more of a possibility. It was preferred that way for many, though not for all.

Of course, just as there were many people looking to explore The World Ocean, there were just as many fish that preferred it to remain unexplored by people. Whilst people were looking to just do their thing, or confer their industry upon the ocean’s body, the fish preferred not to become food for a being that they themselves may have considered as being unknowable. Thus they deigned it necessary to try and avoid people where possible, but people are craftier than they let on, regardless of how aware of their craftiness at any given moment they just so happen to be.

And so may fish went and spoke to other fish, who spoke to other ocean creatures, who spoke to other fish and so on in a long chain until the message of requesting could reach The Great Marlin, whom then passed a message along a chain until it reached The Great Sailfish, whom then returned a message, and so on and so forth so that both of these majestic creatures could discuss and formulate a plan to help protect the fish and by extension the other creatures of The World Ocean, upon which whom it was that the habitat of many ocean-dwelling organisms was conferred.

This messaging continued for a long time, for whilst people moved rapidly, The World Ocean remained far too great to easy explore, and so time was both of the essence and quite great. However, the impacts would start… impacting… the ability to have messages passed on, and so caution was needed with many movements so as to make sure that the messages got through as efficiently as possible.

It was a difficult thing to strategies with, but it did not deter and so eventually a plan was formulated to protect all forms of organisms within the great body of The World Ocean. Naturally this did not include humanity and its machinations unless they became more respectful of the environment on which they were impressing their presence and own form of nature.

There still had to be some waiting. The wait for the right moment for everything to be done so as to make sure that it all went without a hitch had to be experienced so as to make sure that the whole thing went down without a hitch. There was little, if any room for error. All it could take is one mistake and thus the whole plan would not properly come to fruition. At the same time, there still was room for hoping, though hoping for the best seemed like folly.

Eventually the right moment eventuated, and so the plan began.

The World Ocean seemed still. It seemed far too still. It was almost static, though this went unnoticed. Soon it seemed to swirl and swell, and gradually grow into a rage. It was a gradual shift, almost as though it wasn’t happening at all outside of the ever-present moment, in which nothing before or after existed.

The World Ocean kept on increasing in its rage and unsteadiness, and began to toss and turn and show a mere glimpse of its true ferocity, and so when the awareness of the danger dawned upon many a people out on the ocean, they did their best to make their way back to a shoreline distant, yet close, or at the very least brace themselves and do everything they could to whether what felt like the oncoming of an unexpected onslaught.

Of course this did little to diminish the situation and it seemed that, just like its size, The World Ocean’s power too was limitless. However, whilst this struck a great deal of terror and hopelessness into the hearts of many people on its body, the plan of the fish had nothing to do with this. The Great Sailfish and Great Marlin had decided on something else entirely, and this just so happened to be a byproduct of their move to defend themselves from the mysterious and unknowable human race and its far too dangerous encroachment on the saline organisms’ being and existence.

A strong, quaking sensation could be felt, though no land both above and underwater was cracking with the roaring of the earth. It was the sound of The World Ocean vibrating and rising, though not expanding.

Slowly, yet steadily it rose and lifted all the organisms that lived within its glorious body upward. It sent those people that were in it away and back to land, leaving them with a sense of relief, though also with a strong sense of being overwhelmed, for they had been from the sheer experience.

And so The World Ocean rose and lifted above the continents. It reoriented itself so it no longer appeared as though it was from a larger sphere and so, in its smaller and more condensed spheroid shape, took off and headed far away from Earth.

As for Earth, the now-exposed beds began to fill with water once more as a new ocean was borne.

For the fish, the search for a home free of human influence commenced. A home that would have minimal impact on its existing inhabitants when The World Ocean arrived. A home where The World Ocean would grow in unity and become The Galactic Ocean.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 21:32:06

This piece feels verbose and stupid, and I think it’s great.

The narrative flows a bit better than my usual writing, however.

Written at home.


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