Five-Hundred Word Challenge 653: Fresh Rant About Customers

I probably should have started this earlier, but there was a bit less drive than usual and work has been a bit heavier than usual.

I guess the new normal for work is overly busy, but today really is a harsh one. It’s getting in the way of my ability to procrastinate on doing work in order to work on this more, which I guess is not what I’m getting paid for, but… well, I’ve no excuses other than the one that, after enough thinking about the whole thing, will be so ingenious that no one will be able to doubt its strength and ability to convince and then I’ll be free to do what I want and paid more than enough to survive and get along with getting on.

Well, that is of course the dream and it is good to have the dream, so I guess I’ll just disappear back into the dream. If that is where I want to be, then there is where I will be until my lunch break is over. Once my lunch break is over it is the returning of the customers and their voices and their gnashing of their teeth and that is something that I’d much rather avoid, for there are only so many times you can say the same thing over and over again until you are resisting the urge to tell customers to read what is in front of them and instead of calling us, thinking about what it means so that they can understand that what is in front of them is clear enough to be giving them the answer to the questions that they are currently asking.

It really is one of those days where pain rules supreme, but this isn’t the pain of physicality; this is the pain of mind. This is the day where my patience is being tested far more than usual. I’d much rather not have to deal with this right now, but as some people would say, at least I have a job. Despite having to deal with customer abuse and aggression far too frequently, at least I have a job. Even though I have to deal with being yelled at and people getting angry at me for their not paying attention, it’s good to have a job. Hell, maybe some customers are right: even though I cop a lot of unwarranted crap from customers and even though they’ll sometimes think it’s okay to tell me that I’m bad at my job because someone else didn’t follow the rules that we’ve got set out at the moment, I don’t actually have to deal with any of that at all.

I’ve been told by customers that I don’t have it bad. Well, customer service is a job where you get to spend a lot of time treated poorly, but apparently that’s not bad. Apparently that’s fine.

Still, some customers are wonderful and appreciate your trying to help them. Those customers make work easier.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:23:49

Slow time, angry writing.

I’m surprised as to how much most customers staunchly unwilling to read and then call up and start taking it out on both myself and the people I work with.

I think that until an overwhelming shift away from this shitty kind of behaviour happens, the issue can’t be overstated.

Written at home.


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