Five-Hundred Word Challenge 825: The Beach was Theirs

And so there was the riding of the waves after the running along the sand, which of course came after a walk of considerable length. There was a craving for the ocean water and what it provided and represented, and they were there; finally there, and they could finally ride the waves and follow the ocean for a short distance and immerse themselves in the glorious body of water upon which they so readily put upon their need for recreation and relaxation.

The waves were… perhaps rough, yet steady and providing, and that was much desired. They were powerful, constant, increasing and decreasing in intensity, and for where they were in particular, on that particular spot on the open and quiet beach, there were no rips of which they were able to detect. It was the right day at the right time and also at the right place, which of course suited them fine, though admittedly they wouldn’t have minded if the weather was bad, for they still would have gone and they still would have indulged themselves in the ocean’s great body.

And so they rode waves and they went under. They fully immersed themselves and moved about and just overall had what they felt was a good time. Waves crashing on the shore, loud and violently helped paint a scene of peaceful energy, and the sand itself, rather uniform in its dispersal along the beach, leading it to create a fairly smooth appearance from afar.

The sun shining helped keep the beach feeling warm, and where the beach met vegetation, the vegetation was sturdy and distinct. From there back its density quickly increased and rolling hills of greenery were easier to find than they were not.

It truly felt like a time of peace and relaxation, though of course with great energy, and it was. This was something desired and it was something reached. The waves were easy to ride, the water easy to go under. It was easy to pop out of the water for a brief break and then go back in. They had arrived early in the morning and had the beach to themselves, and it was as glorious and relaxing as they could have hoped.

The unfortunate, though not unexpected downside was that it had to end eventually, as there is only so much daylight in a day and trans[port options were limited. Despite what they desired, it would be a long time before they could stay there overnight, or even for a few days.

The last dip on the water was followed by drying off and packing up. They had an incline to ascend and they had to do it before dark. thankfully packing up took very little time and so it was not long before they were on their way, just as the sunset hit.

The beach grew smaller and the sunset increasingly vivid. A warm lightshow bathed the land and the ocean, creating a sense of memory lived in the present.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:57:22

I wanted to focus more on being in the water, but I wasn’t able to keep what I was writing going, hence the repetition and eventual moving away.

Written at home.

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