Rei Kondoh: The Sun Rises

With this I was trying to articulate the feelings and imagery more than how the song progressed. Despite familiarity with the song it took two listens and I’m not sure as to how successful I was.

Rei Kondoh’s (近藤 嶺) “The Sun Rises” (“太陽は昇る”) is from Ōkami Original Soundtrack, the soundtrack for Clover Studios’ Ōkami, a lovingly-crafted game. The soundtrack was composed by a few different people and the aim was (as far as I am aware) to create something that fit the setting quite well. I believe that if that was indeed the aim, then it was a success as the soundtrack is an excellent fit for the game’s aesthetic and environment.

I hope you enjoy.

A brief moment of calm and relief, then the drum beat gallops and the music plays precise, rising music. The sound of victory, of gaining the upper hand is felt in horns, strings, percussion and perhaps flute, among other things. Their sound is full, driving and everything sits in its right place. It keeps going and spreads, full of energy and passion as from a grave situation now has the sun risen and it pushes back against once-overwhelming odds and bathes the world in its light.

It is not all victory, however, for there is some sadness, though perhaps that is to be expected. Some of that sadness comes with the incoming need to say farewells and separate, but that is sometimes what is required. There still is a comfort in there somewhere, for despite sadness it was better to at least know and go on the journey. The time to reflect on the events will come later, even though there certainly is some at this point. Despite all of that, there comes certainty and conviction in one’s actions and so the path toward rising up and fighting back and ensuring victory in order to protect those who need it is keenly followed.

It is not a lonesome victory, however, among the gathering of instruments and the galloping beat and the rush of energy that comes forward from the comforting, driving and flowing sound reveals that it took the power of belief from those who didn’t realise who was helping them to help the sun rise again and continue on its path, and so just as all seemed lost the sun rose once more.

The sun rose and it repelled that which it needed to and so victory was had and all was finally well, but the parting remains and it cannot be prevented, but even so they just might carry each other in their hearts and memories, for soon the time for reflection will come to be, as that may be all that is left, but those moments of course are ones someone treasures for the rest of their life.

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