Hiroki Kikuta: Where Angel Fear to Tread

This was written over two listens.

I wrote about this one as I kind of wanted to compare it to the opening track for Secret of Mana. They’re similar tracks in terms of mood, but how they carry themselves is different. This one is a bit heavier and maybe a little more muted in parts. It’s also longer and carries a stronger sense of atmosphere. It feels more cinematic.

I was looking to describe the song more than the imagery and I think I kind of pulled

Hiroki Kikuta’s (菊田 裕樹) “Where Angel Feat to Tread” (“天使の怖れ”) is from Seiken Densetsu 3 Original Sound Version, the soundtrack for Seiken Densetsu 3.

I hope you enjoy.

Keys oscillate around sounds as something akin to a woodwind sits on top. It is early and, though maybe it is late. It is dark, though there is light. The sounds carry a weightiness; a burden as a dire situation comes to the surface. Slowly the sounds move with each other as they carry the scene outward. There’s an urging of sorts. Maybe it is a pleading.

The sounds rise up and soar for a moment; They appear to be searching for something as a situation grows dire. They begin to slow down, but instead of stopping they shift.

There remains a sense of that weight, but they refuse to let it bring them to a stop. Percussion comes in and the melody remains, but there is now more of a sense of hope and determination. The sounds proceed with greater vigour and determination than before. They roll and rush forward, building with each other and once more rise, building up to something.

A sudden pause, then the sounds find a singular point and strike it, sounding hopeful amidst adversity as the song ends.

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