Hiroki Kikuta: Fear of the Heavens

Two listens here.

Had no idea as to what I wanted to capture here and so I went ahead and… I’m not sure as to what I’ve done here.

Hiroki Kikuta’s (菊田 裕樹) “Fear of the Heavens” (“天使の怖れ”) is from Seiken Densetsu 2 Original Sound Version aka Secret of Mana Original Sound Version, the soundtrack for Seiken Densetsu 2 aka Secret of Mana.

I hope you enjoy.

Something low rumbles as it calls out.

Strings play as a gentle sound walks upon them. There’s a melancholy and a hope. Bass comes in at the ushering of percussion and all remains gentle and of the dawn. There’s a fragility, but it all rises and stands steadfast against the odds.

Rich are the sounds as they soar. They glide and ride out, full and rich and moving with a grace, reaching for something before coming back down. Their descent is gentle and perhaps a signifier of heavier things to come.

After a brief flicker and slight drawing, a weighty note is struck as the song ends.

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