Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1066: Talk About Important Stuff

So I’ve had two restarts on this bit of writing and now I’m hoping that third time is the charm. I don’t want to have to start again. The first two times I had to stop and restart early, but there is no telling if that is indeed the pattern that will be the pattern that continues.

So anyway, I’m sitting here and I’m doing the writing and I’m hoping that I don’t have to start again. I’m tired and all that other stuff. It is a warm day and the cicadas are loud and they are beautiful. Their droning is a wonderful thing to hear. The heat isn’t as wonderful, so it’s lucky that the cicadas are there.

I sit here and I sweat and I ramble on about things that don’t matter and I still think about the impact that I have on the world. I think about all that I do and all that I am doing and how I should go about it all. How can I be a better person? How can I contribute to society more? How can I keep on growing?

I think about things that don’t matter, but more importantly I think about things that I feel matter and I feel others should consider as important. I think about the environment and how we’ve a strong disregard for it and I think about how we all seem to shrug our shoulders or pat ourselves on the back when we don’t do enough.

Such is the way of things I suppose.

However, not enough people want to talk about the continual environmental degradation of which we all take a part of and so I won’t talk about that right now as there are other things out there that should be talked about, such as how warm it is and how bored I can be at the best of times. That is more important than making sure we have a future that any generations further along in time can be a part of without too much worry for the environment beyond a regular need to take care of it.

It is more important for me to talk about how my car has issues than it is for me to talk about how stuff’s getting pretty dire. It’s also more important for me to talk about other things that don’t concern the environment.

Why talk  about the environment when I can talk about things that don’t matter? Why bother even considering the environment? Sure, we remain a part of an environment that is within the environment, but that’s not important in any way, shape or form. There are other, more important things to talk about, such as how I’m sweating a little bit and how I’m somehow inconvenienced by that sweat, and how great air conditioning is and how I wished I had air conditioning here.

Talking about the environment? Doesn’t matter. Sure, it’s there and it’s important, but it doesn’t matter. We’ll be fine.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:17:78

If this seems angry, it is and I am.
Maybe it’s too angry. I don’t know. I think it’s important that we talk more about and actively participate in keeping the environment healthy.

Written at home.

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