Masato Kouda: The Nightless City, Guara Bobelo

Two listens for this writing.

I wanted to just describe the song and I think I did that, but not well.
With that being said, I’m fine with the result. I feel the writing is mostly smooth and at least provides an idea of what’s happening with the song.

Masato Kouda’s (甲田雅人) “The Nightless City, Guara Bobelo” (“不夜城 ギャラボベーロ”) is from the soundtrack for Wild Arms 4 (aka Wild Arms the 4th Detonator), WILD ARMS the 4th Detonator ORIGINAL SCORE.

I hope you enjoy.

A low sound, choral vocals and flickers of saxophone come into existence. A slow, gentle and steady beat forms and the song shifts mood. It was dark and mysterious, and perhaps it remains as such, but now it is lighter in its step.

Keys play out a dangerous attraction, calling out and enticing into coming in further. Bass keeps things relaxed and loose, yet as on track as the percussion. Eventually more saxophone flickers back in as sounds move about. More brass comes in and the beat picks up pace.

The sounds play along, striking, hurried and busy, but preserving space. The keys play faster though without feeling rushed. Soon brass strikes out and woodwind comes into prominence with a sense of energy and bounce and is flutters about. Soon brass continues what the flute started and continues on until the instruments seemingly make a statement. It’s a striking statement that finds its end where the percussion takes focus once more.

The instruments switch to something a familiar. Steadily things walk forward and once more, it builds up. Again the rhythm becomes hurried and the instruments play soft and gentle, clear and outwardly. Vague sounds lurk in the background once more and once more the music stays lively.

That statement is reached again, and the instruments commence a new cycle, though it is not long before they fade out and the song ends.

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