Five-Hundred Word Challenge 1157: Tired of Aggressive Indifference

How much have I done this week?
It appears more than I expected but also less than I hoped. It is the nature of things but I can carry on right now, but I’m just exhausted.

I’m tired. I’m really tired and I keep on going on and I’ll keep on going on, but people don’t have to make it harder. There are ways to look after people and we don’t need to screw each other over to look after ourselves. That’s a really rough sentence as it reads poorly, but I don’t care. I don’t care right now.

I’m sick and tired of watching people piss on each other to race to the bottom. I’m sick and tired of seeing all this denigrating bullshit that continues to get thrown around. I’m tired of people reveling in their own shit. I’m tired of the rampant selfishness and I’m just tired of seeing everything go to shit because people in a position to do something and change their ways, even slightly, decide it’s better to just keep attacking others, such as kids and teenagers; you know, the ones who know nothing and therefore have no right to be concerned and proactive about the future we’re leaving them.

It just amazes me as to how much we can do to make things better for ourselves and everyone else and instead we spend time tearing people down. I occasionally see it in my own generation and it’s disappointing.

There seems to be an aggressive indifference toward taking better care of things and looking after each other and I don’t know why. I don’t know why people think that the environment doesn’t matter and I don’t understand why people are so hostile toward the idea of people trying to make things better. Actually, maybe I do but I want to believe in the inherent ability to do good and make things better.

What are people concerned about? That we’ll have cleaner air? That we will have safer areas for flora and fauna? That overall health will improve? Are these things that we should worry about? Are we really so fucking selfish and useless that we’ve decided the best thing to do is destroy everything so as to have some temporary convenience?

I don’t have much else to say on this. I think I’m tapped out and I’m tired of trying to get the issues that we face across and I’m tired of people not wanting to listen. Of course I’ll continue talking about these things. I’ll keep going on about these concerns but there’s not much I can do if people want to pretend the problems away. I can’t do much about people trying to cut down kids and teenagers expressing concern about their future if people don’t want to change.

But, you know, at least the younger generations are trying to do something. Of course there are others of mine and older generations, but at least the younger are. That’s more than most.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 10:41:69

A tired rant.
I think I get my point across well enough, however.

Written at home.

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