Because of Ghosts: The Content is Irrelevant

I remember hearing about Because of Ghosts and never checking them out and I’m not sure why I didn’t, but that’s neither here nor there right now.

This mostly came easy. There were parts where I was thinking too much and perhaps that was due to anticipating what was coming next and that wasn’t a good way to approach the writing. Somehow some of this works well enough, though I didn’t quite capture the song’s atmosphere.

Because of Ghosts’ “The Content is Irrelevant” is from This Culture of Background Noise.

I hope you enjoy.

Quiet notes move through an empty space, perhaps searching for some sort of meaning. They move and pause, move and pause and seem to look to piece things together. It’s not long before percussion and bass come in and it’s almost as though they are giving something the guitar can anchor off and slightly stretch from.

The sounds keep things low and almost minor in feel, whilst preserving melody. For a moment the sounds go big and lift up from some sort of sadness. They go big and maintain space and suddenly stop.

Before silence can reach out once more the guitar flickers in a darkening room. It flickers and shines and it almost whispers and calls out. Gradually the bass and percussion respond and find themselves returning, for there remains much to get through. Seemingly there is a scattering but all slowly start finding where they fit, and melody starts coming forward. A thrust and heave comes forward as shape returns and all lock back into each other before another pause.

The flow remains and the flickering returns but it is brighter. Slowly sound reforms into shape and lingers on in melodic steps. However, it does not rise far and remains low and goes for no big moment now and instead lets itself slowly shrink into wisps.

Eventually a beat returns as a steady pulse, but before anything else happens the song ends.

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