Spaceseer: Treasury of Kahryatt

As I was writing this it became easier to get words out. I think I had a bit of trouble anchoring myself at the start but I gradually moved into moment. I think the writing could’ve done better to cover the song, and there were things I wanted to write but had difficulty articulating so I didn’t. That said, I think this does an alright job. It’s mostly smooth (I think) and it covers some aspects well.

spaceseer’s “Treasure of Kahryatt” is from Colossi Perpetual Factory.

I hope you enjoy.

Wind, or perhaps just some dirty noise of some sort. Soon percussion comes in and beats out a vague melody. It comes out feeling frequent without feeling busy. Fragments of other sounds creep in and out; one crackling persists and stops and persists in a rhythmic fashion.

Coldness rings through the sounds as percussion continues its movement and various other sounds keep moving in and out. Other beats come in and alter the flow and sound. The whole thing seems to expand without necessarily becoming overfull.

A new sound appears as a high hum and slowly moves above everything, though maybe it’s within. It seems to echo and fray as it moves through the fullness. Soon the hum starts opening and widening, revealing more of itself and altering the atmosphere further.

A sense of cold grandness arises and contrasts against the machinery. The hum keeps moving; it keeps floating there as percussive sound pounds and beats away. It is almost as though a light, and it definitely is something that holds attention.

It is almost as though this is all following a conductor. The sounds seem guided in their precision, and they seem guided in their disappearing.

The percussion falls away and that hum remains, moving. The dirty noise as wind continues blowing through and around, and it seems nothing is left. The space is full, but it has been cleared and it continues to clear, leaving the dirty noise on its own, bubbling into nothingness as the song ends.

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