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Firekites: Antidote

I’d heard this song a few days ago and decided to write about it, but alas, being tired prevented me from moving ahead. Maybe. Anyway, I did this in one go but there was a bit of a pause due … Continue reading

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Within Ripples

Probably because the duck is creating them. I think monochrome worked really well for this photo and I think that has a bit to do with the overall lighting. Also, it almost looks like the duck is sitting at a … Continue reading

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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 688: Ripples Rippling

Ripples rippling half of the way to where they must head only come to a stop for some reason, but then interrupting their being in thought the water starts flowing uphill rather than down at a speed that suggests that … Continue reading

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Ripples in the Rock

A photo taken close to a waterfall. I think that the patterns in this rock are interesting. I’m guessing that the formation of the ripples in the rock are from lava cooling, but it’s merely a guess. I think that … Continue reading

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