Five-Hundred Word Challenge 651: Up the Mountain

Up the mountain they had to head, for down was where they had already been and the only way to the very top of where they wanted to go was, of course, up. You couldn’t go down any further; at least, not without some sort of heavy machinery, but that would be wasteful and move them further away from their goal. They were indeed trying to go up instead of down. The peak was up (well, technically at the top). The core of the earth was down.

And so they followed the winding path close to the base. It seemed to go on forever, though in reality it only covered a small portion of one face of the mountain. This was the easy part. It meandered and snaked its way around plants and rocks, taking the duo further against the mountain whilst tall vegetation rendered the sky patchy.

Eventually they hit a point where the path provided two divergences. There was one that seemed to go further up and that was the path that indeed was chosen.

It meandered a little less than hoped. Instead of winding around the path became more straightened. There still were curves, but less room for them at this juncture in time.

And so on they kept on going, further on up until the path dropped all pretenses of distraction and went straight up the side of the mountain. They had no choice but to follow. Their goal was within reach and they had to keep on going to reach it.

So they kept on going up, following the path, doing their best to not let the strain of the angle get to them. It always seemed so close and indeed it was, but every time they thought they were there, it just kept on going.

Still, they knew that if they kept on going they would soon reach the point that they wanted to reach. Through the vegetation, though much more spaced still thick and present they would reach the top and experience a scene they were yet to experience. They just had to keep on going and keep on pushing forward in order to get there. They just had to keep moving.

At the very least the path was gracious enough to maintain its steepness rather than vary it up to make itself more or less challenging. That was very much appreciated. However, it still remained a hard push. They were used to walking long tracks, but not used to high gradients.

They were sweating and panting and getting close to a point where they were no longer able to continue. It was in this instance where maybe they would have to turn around and attempt to surmount the mountain another day.

They stopped to rest against a huge rock face, for rest was sorely needed at this point. In their panting, however, they realised that they had reached the base of where they wanted to be. Their goal was next to them.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 08:10:72

With this one I had a moment where I stopped to think about whether I was or was not including enough of something. Probably why this ended up taking as long as it did.

Not sure as to how the text works as a bit of fiction.
Might be a bit flat. I was kind of adapting a part of a trek I did a few years ago and might’ve been thinking a little too much.

Written at home.

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