One Thousand Word Challenge 42: Playlist in my Head

I just spent far, far too long whittling down twenty-something hours of music to somewhere fifteen minutes shy of seven hours to create a playlist of calm(ish) music in order to write to this morning. I think it can be best said that it was not worth the time or effort that it took. I think I was working on this for close to an hour. That was rough, but now I am ready to write, but the issue now that I have is that all that I have running through my mind is all the music I just spent listening to a few seconds of in order to create this playlist, thus invading my ability to think about other things and thus causing issues as all I want to do is write about other things but I can only think about the music, but it still is nice music but I want it to fade into the background but I guess I should just let it happen rather than keep on talking about it as all that talking about it is doing is causing me to think about it more and so if I stop talking about the music that I took out of this playlist to make it calmer on average, then I’ll be able to get on with talking about other things.

Well, now that that is out of the way I guess I should get on with talking about other things. Maybe. I’ve been awake for too long this morning though, so maybe there won’t be the talking about other things. Maybe this will once more be one of those things that I write that expresses absolutely nothing other than I want to write.

I don’t think that is going to happen. I think I’m a little to far drawn into the music. Oh well. It happens. Still, this is rather sweet music. Well, not all of it is sweet, but certainly some of it is. Some of it is more pretty, but a lot of it is calm. Still, it is a little too attention grabbing and that is what I was hoping to avoid. I guess that is my own issue to deal with.

There’s a bit of bounce in some of what I’m hearing and that too is nice. It’s not too much bounce. It’s just enough to give a bit of an energy to a track without making it all about the energy. It’s still relaxed; just a little more assertive, I guess.

Hmm. Maybe I should just spend the time writing about what I’m listening to rather than try to write about anything else. Maybe. There probably are other things that I could write about, but right now it’s about the music. It’s about the expression. The music is expressive and this one has a slight inflection in some of its notes; a slight flick and ever-so-slight feeling of a pause. It’s still nice. It’s rather pleasant still. This is enjoyable music. This is music that can be enjoyed. Well, maybe some wouldn’t enjoy it, but I am and right now that’s what matters. I need to listen to something a bit more relaxing as the stress of the paid job is still stressful and I need a bit more relaxing in my life. I probably should read more books at the moment. Don’t know. We’ll see what happens.

Still, I do like my reading almost as much as I like music.

Another track with a bit more energy to it. Okay. I don’t know why I left this one on. Maybe it’s due to its upbeat feel. Maybe. Maybe it’s just that I like this one a little too much and thus couldn’t remove it from the playlist.

Now that I think about it, I think there are others that are coming up that are the same. We’ll have to see what happens. Wait. There definitely are more coming up.

I think there’s some that are piano-driven and energetic, and some that aren’t piano-driven and energetic. I think the playlist is already failing in what I hoped it would achieve. Oh well. The onus is on me for that one. Still remains enjoyable. As far as I’m aware, most of it is instrumental in nature and often not having vocals is better, I think.

Well, more not having anything recognisable as clear words is often better when it comes to having stuff fade into the background. Hard to pull off clear words and keep it in the background. Some artists do it well, but most don’t. That’s fine.

Ah, now we’re up to something that says “adventure” a little too much. It’s all upbeat and energetic. There’s the nice use of horns and strings, and the percussion maintains a steady sense of swing. This is the wonderful stuff, though not calm at all.

Now I don’t care about it not being too calm. Maybe I really should have just gone for energy rather than calm. Energy would be better. It would get me moving and grooving, as the kids say. I think they say anyway. Maybe they do not say. Maybe they stay silent and make playlists that are more calm than energetic far better than I do. Something to not ruminate upon, but something I will ruminate upon nonetheless. Or I won’t. Don’t know yet. Remains to be seen.

Anyway, this little ditty that’s now playing is more calm and seems a bit jazzier in the “smooth” sense. Has a nice sense of direction, some relaxed beat and those strings keep bouncing a little, stopping and starting, shortening and extending if that all makes sense.

And of course it too disappears far too fast and now we get to something a bit more expansive, but I think now is the time to stop writing about what I’m hearing. I think it now finally is out of my mind. Or maybe it’s not.

Definitely not, though that’s fine with me.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 14:07:89

I don’t think this bit of writing is good, but it had to come out and of course that meant I had to share it.

Still, it feels grounded and real and for that I’m satisfied. Just need to work on not actively thinking so much.

Written at home.

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