One Thousand Word Challenge 43: Attempt to Write About Music

Alright, now where was I? Other than home, I mean.

I think that today I’m going to try and discuss something about music, but we’ll see how it all goes. Maybe it will end up being about something else. There is only one way to find out however, and that is by getting started and seeing where all of this leads.

Music is noise, or maybe it is sound. It potentially could be both, but it also could be neither. The thing about music, however, is that it is something that we perceive and pick up upon by vibrations vibrating bones in our ears which then gets translated into a sound, or something like that. That is a rather butchered explanation, but I think it gets the idea across.

Not sure why I’m spending time explaining what music is as I’m pretty sure it doesn’t need to be explained, though sometimes an explanation can help, but I’m now moving away from the topic that I want to get into so instead I’m going to try and get back on track.

So music is a thing and it usually can be considered as being highly expressive, but there are many forms of it out there. I think that, whilst there is some merit in sticking to a narrow range of what one listens to, there needs to be exploration when one is a listener. Discovering new things that might not be considered enjoyable or desirable is as important as refinement, I think. It is part of how we grow and develop a well of knowledge about music and then be able to discuss it better than just in basic ways, though sometimes discussing music on a surface level is fine. Gotta know the right times and all that.

So anyway, what with all the different types of music out there, there are plenty of types that never will be discovered by a general populace. There are artists out there who will not be heard to the extent that they deserve and there are artists out there who will be listened to far, far more than they deserve. At the same time no one deserves anything out there, but that’s a different kind of thing that I don’t feel like getting into right now.

So anyway, music. Music is something that you can lose yourself in. It can be easy to listen to its rhythm and flow and let it come over you and move through you and slowly, yet surely carry you off into a form of being in the moment as it gently glides around and has some of its notes move around and twinkle somewhere in the background. It can seem to just fade in and out, almost as though a gentle flow falling over a slight edge and gently brushing against rocks, making that bubbling sound. Sometimes the twinkling can grow stronger and can be punctuated by the strings elongating and stretching out. There can be many sounds and it seems that the gentle beat carries this all. The piano strikes, though gently. The piano also punctuates and slowly, yet surely you become one with the music as it caresses your ears and you’re brought into a world you don’t visit as often as you’d like.

Time slows right down and you’re drawn further and further in and you feel each beat as it moves through you and cradles you off into another world; another place of being and you’re brought into a world of emotion and imagery.

The beat can fall away, it can come back. Perhaps there was no beat to speak of in the first place. It doesn’t matter. You’re well within it and you’re being carried off to a world of wonder and amazement and this is all rather beautiful and pretty and you’re in a state of ecstasy, or maybe thought, or maybe rumination, or maybe many other things, but you know that in this moment even if it is wrong it still remains right and it pushes and pulses and it’s gentle. It’s not quite journeying, but traversal and the bubbling might fall away, but damn that gentle caress is all it needs to be and you really can be in the moment of the moment being firmly within you.

Maybe the rolls of the drum that come in every now and then are just enough. Maybe the percussion is just enough, So easy to overplay but so hard to understand how and why underplaying can be so much more powerful. Gentle is as strong as rough; sometimes even more so.

So long as it pulses and twinkles and keeps going on with what it is doing there can be no other world, but there can be and of course there needs to be a return but the vibrations are capturing the warmth and much like a blanket you’re further letting it wrap around you until you need to be broken from the spell. Even though you don’t want to, sometimes there is a need to leave what it is that you’re experiencing. Sometimes; not always.

So there’s a bunch of other things about music that can be discussed, but right now is not the time in which they can be discussed as I’m running out of words. However, there always are other days in which more things about music can be attempted to be discussed, or something. I’m not really sure as to where I’m going with this at this point.

So, music; it’s a thing. It’s a thing that is as wonderful as it is displeasing. There are many things about music and sometimes it is something worth being passionate about. It’s a sound. It’s a noise. It’s many things and it is not many things.

There are joys and there are pains in music, but most of all music is music, which is more than can be said for some things out there.

I think I’ll play some now.

The time it took to write one thousand words: 13:36:57

I think I lost myself at some point during writing this.

Not sure how it reads.

Written at home.

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