Five-Hundred Word Challenge 846: On The Hives

Well, that is the way that the things go and now I am energised, which means I have to explain the event in question.

You see, what I was doing was listening to The Hives and whilst I was listening to The Hives I was experiencing the act of listening to The Hives. They’re such a rad band that will strike you down from your slow, relaxed times of losing interest in the idea of rock ‘n’ roll.

They’re one of the best bands around at the moment and they’re electrifying. They rock out and groove out and just perform their great big hearts out and will make sure that you’re getting a good show so that you get a good show. That said, they don’t even need to make sure; they just do it. If you walk away from a The Hives show and you didn’t feel it, then you saw the wrong band and were not at a The Hives show. Shame on you.

The Hives don’t do much in the way of pretension. Their music is stripped down and simple and straightforward, but it punches through with raw magnetic prowess and moves that will make you realise that other bands pale in comparison. There are no others like them and they are their own.

You go to see The Hives to see a great band and walk out realising you haven’t experienced music live before. It was all just an idea of what live music should be beforehand; a mere suggestion that doesn’t even truly articulate the concept of music being live other than in the rudimentary conceptual forms.

The Hives will blow up your speakers whilst you’re not even using them, challenging you to the throw down of meeting them halfway and getting all up in it. Whilst they reign supreme and make sure that you’re wrapped up in their beautiful grasp, they’ll keep drawing you in until you lose yourself to the show and all of its wonders.

Once they’re done rocking your face off and being the vampire to your previous lack of wonder, The Hives will end up destroying the venue they just played in a vivid display of energy and rocking due to how good they just happen to be. You’ll be completely satisfied and yet you’ll be left wanting more; much more. They’re a powerful addiction and the only cure is to get down and dance to them some more.

So yeah. I’m full of energy and I’ve been listening to The Hives this morning and now I need to get on with doing other things, but maybe I’ll listen to The Hives some more. They’ve a few albums and I feel like listening to some rocking out some more.

One of the few bands that can back up their words and then some, The Hives are and that’s part of what makes them great. Definitely worth seeing if you ever get the chance, so make sure you get the chance.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 07:39:18

I was trying to be boisterous and hammy. Not sure if it worked, but I do recommend listening to The Hives. They’re a solid band that knows what they are and put a lot into what they do.

Written at home.

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