Firekites: Antidote

I’d heard this song a few days ago and decided to write about it, but alas, being tired prevented me from moving ahead. Maybe. Anyway, I did this in one go but there was a bit of a pause due to needing to take care of other things, but it’s done now and so… yeah.

Mostly stuck with describing the song and I’m not sure if that was the best thing to do, but it worked. Not the strongest writing out there but I think I get across an idea of the song well enough.

Firekites’ “Antidote” is from Closing Forever Sky.

I hope you enjoy.

It starts with quiet. Almost as soon as the quiet seems like it will last a steady beat and light guitar pick their notes carefully. Space holds whilst something soft fades into view and soon disappears, and fades in and disappears. Vocals come in and stretch out words where appropriate whilst piano plays its precise notes. Bass finds itself gentle and supporting and soon more guitar sound comes in, harsh and slightly cutting, but not dominant.

That extra guitar fades out as vocals return and the sounds remain continuous and firm in their putting forward something that could be of the night as much as it could be of something carrying a sense of grief; a sense of sadness. When the vocals leave once more the sounds get a little livelier before they step back and allow a little more space.

Steady all remains and the vocals find their place once more. A little more space finds its way in before once again filling over time. Liveliness comes in but mood reigns supreme and so the sounds pull away when required. Vocals return and they continue on and soon the beat drops out whilst the keys play a short flourish.

Upon a final set of words the percussion returns as a busier beat, though not by much. The keys continue through the space as something seems to shimmer and stretch out like ripples. A slight pause and the guitar returns and brings more melody in whilst shifting the mood slightly. Soon the bass and vocals also return.

The vocals take on a higher position and repeat a phrase. It’s not long before the sounds fill out more and reach a heavy point. There is almost a release but it doesn’t quite get there and the sounds play on, some shifting and some remaining steady, and it all plays on. It plays on until one last point and much stops, leaving a few sounds playing their last notes as though a full stop before also dropping away. Silence returns and the song ends.

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